First came the musical. Then the movies. And now you’re invited to MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY

Mamma Mia! started as an experiment: could you write a musical backwards, using existing songs, weaving a story around them? Producer Judy Craymer came up with the idea and she approached me and Benny Andersson. When she introduced book writer Catherine Johnson to us, we were on our way.

The stage musical and the movies became successes beyond my wildest dreams. They seem to make people happy, they kind of get you in a party mood – and everyone loves a party. The idea for another experiment gradually grew: maybe you could have a party in a sort of Mamma Mia! environment? Yes, but what exactly would that environment be? Well, the obvious place for such a party would be in a taverna on the island of Skopelos, where most exteriors of the first movie were shot.

This imagined and wonderfully exotic Greek taverna – and its equally exotic landlord Nikos, his family and friends – was first magically transferred to the Tyrol Restaurant in Stockholm; it’s now in its fourth sold-out year and will be opening its doors in a purpose-built venue at London’s The O2 this Summer. When our guests enter Nikos Taverna, they will feel as if they’re right in the heart of a Greek island paradise, eating great Mediterranean food, drinking, singing and dancing to ABBA songs in a Mamma Mia! world.

So do join us for an ouzo or two, I’d love to see you here!

Björn Ulvaeus

Executive Producer
Björn Ulvaeus

Ingrid Sutej



Calle Norlén
Roine Söderlundh
Björn Ulvaeus

Adapted by
Sandi Toksvig

Roine Söderlundh and Stacey Haynes

Set Designer
Bengt Fröderberg

Lighting Designer
Patrick Woodroffe

Sound Designer
Gareth Owen

Costume Designer
Annsofi Nyberg

Musical Supervisor
Robin Svensson

Casting Director
David Grindrod for
David Grindrod Associates